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Mon histoire

Hello there! It's so so good to be back in the best place in the whole CuddleVerse! It's been a while since my sister (Queen Abbey) and I were separated by "The Big Thaw", as itty bitty Saurettes caught in the currents of rising sea tides that day in the park. This made me very sad since I was without my family for sometime. But I did not give up hope and knew one day I would find my way back home. Now here I am back in Kingdom DinocuddleLand. You can read all about my story in two books: "A Night At Royal Palace Hall" and most recently "Royal Academy." Both books available in the shop and at Cuddlesaur Adventures. Email me at

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Je cherche toujours à avoir des nouvelles de mes collègues amis Cuddlesaur. Connectons-nous. Envoie-moi un email.

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