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About Us

The story of The Dinocuddles Brand began in Atlanta in 2011 where a Disabled Man started sketching cute cuddly dino-characters on an old iPad with an outdated free sketch pad app download while grappling with a major life-altering health event rendering him permanently disabled. 

Facing down this new reality and the prospect of knowing deep down that he would never return to the workforce to which he'd enjoyed gainful employment for more than 30 years with more than 20 of those years in Information Technology and the rest in entertainment, this now disabled professional had to humbly accept that his career choices had taken a dramatic turn and that losing his job as a direct result of this life-altering health event would force drastic changes to his lifestyle and living situation as he took an 80% reduction in income and went from a 6-figure job to waiting several months on approval for Social Security Disability and the fixed monthly check that followed. 


After losing his now unaffordable luxury apartment, he moved into an Extended Stay hotel, burning through cash savings to stay afloat.  In addition to leaning on his Faith in this very difficult time, he began tapping into his creativity--his way of escaping and coping with a myriad of tragic experiences and hardships since growing up impoverished in New York.


He began writing a Children's Book Series called Cuddlesaur Adventures®, which were essentially stories of these adorable characters he'd sketched.  This eventually turned into what the brand has today as Cuddlesaur Animations®: A new and exciting animation series based upon the Children's Books. 


There are 15 different characters each with their own journeys and the stories are about these journeys of what is affectionately known as Cuddlesaur Nation within the fantasy land of the CuddleVerse®


Today, we're excited to share with you that we've had quite a bit of success with the kids in the US, UK and now are in Germany and Japan.  The UK is our number one market statistically for viewership.


Currently, the number one requested character the kids are watching is our own Herbie Herbivore, The Gentle Giant Cuddlesaur, who has a message for the kids about eating veggie meals in his “Please Pass The Veggies!” video available on Amazon Prime Video Direct and now on the site as well.

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